Top Ten New York Highlights

New York is full of wonderful sights. I want to talk about what I think are among the top ten New York highlights.

Be sure you put them into your travel plans the next time you visit! You won’t be disappointed!

I will tell you this though, it was REALLY hard to decide what these Top Ten New York Highlights are in order, so I didn’t even try. So, at random I just picked the order to write about them. Here goes:

1) The Statue of Liberty

top ten New York Highlights
Top ten New York highlights

This statue was a gift from France to celebrate the USA’s 100th birthday (July 1, 1876.) It has become a symbol of freedom and enlightenment.

You’ll find it in New York’s harbor in the lower part of the island.

2) Ellis Island

Ellis Island is where the Statue of Liberty is located. So it just seemed natural to just go there!

Twelve million immigrants arrived to America here and their descendants now comprise 40% of today’s population – an incredible statistic that should make you stop and think about what it meant to come here to so many people!

3) Central Park

Top ten New York Highlight
Horizontal aerial view of central park during the fall or winter months.

This park is used ALL year round.  It’s huge and ALSO the home of the New York City Zoo.

Plan to spend a couple of days straight in here to see everything!

4) Fifth Avenue

Whereas I think that Rodeo Drive in Hollywood is not much different from many of the high-end malls in Los Angeles these days, I do think that Fifth Avenue in New York still has a mystique about it. The stores are still unique and designer.

It’s not just the merchandise, it’s also the architecture of grand old buildings such as the Grand Army Plaza and Millionaire’s Row which make this a standout street to visit.

5) The Rockerfeller Center

You could spend the whole day here! It’s a center piece of an informal museum with over 100 pieces of artwork. The Prometheus Statue is well known and you’ll see it all the internet. And right in front of it is a beautiful skating rink to be enjoyed all winter long!

(Video courtesy of WS Westwood on Youtube)

You can watch The Today Show everyday from  the sidewalk! Yeap, you would have perfectly GOOD reasons to spend an entire day here!

6) And what about the various museums? Among my favorites are The American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art (affectionately known as MoMA) and the Solomon  R. Guggenheim Museum.

If you go to our Facebook Fanpage you’ll get updates on what’s going on there and in other museums.

7) Times Square

Cannot talk about New York without talking about Times Square. It’s close to the theatre district. It’s got great hotels over looking it.

This is really the part of New York that lends to its reputation that this is the city that does NOT sleep. You walk outside in the middle of the night and God, you swear it’s still daylight!

8) Empire State Building

Well, Art Deco is one of my favorite architectural and fashion eras – it certainly covered a lot of areas of art and design! So this building fascinates me.

Enjoy its beauty. Inside and out!

9) The Dakota

This apartment building is the site of John Lennon’s (the former Beatle) murder. It is located at 1 West 72nd St at Broadway.  It is unfortunately closed to the public but if you just happen to be passing by…

10) United Nations (UN) Headquarters

The mission of the UN is to spread peace and economic and social well being. Human relations are often complex and countries are made up of humans. So it continues to try to accomplish what could be regarded as impossible to please everyone!

It was formed in 1945 and 193 members meet in the General Assembly.

So there you have it! A very difficult list. As I said at the beginning this list of Top Ten New York Highlights is just a random list of what I thought are great places to visit while in New York.