Top 10 Things To Do In New York On Rainy Days

Ok, so you can’t always hit perfectly good weather when you’re on a trip on vacation.

The weather can turn on you and New York rainy days will surely happen.

Of course you want to have a good time. So why not just plan for those days when the weather gets wet. There’s plenty of things to do indoors in New York City. Let those New York rainy days make you explore options that you might not consider.

You just got to be open minded about it and allow yourself to have fun NO MATTER what. That’s the mark of a great travel experience!

So I’ve listed these, not in any particular order, but as the ideas came:

1. Shopping. There’s tons of shopping you can do in New York, but you can wander around for hours in New York’s massive Macy’s department store. Or visit the Shops of Columbus Circle, near central Park, where you can spend the day indoors, shopping and eating. Great to do when New York rainy days hit your vacation!

2. Chelsea Market. It’s completely indoor with unlimited entertainment, between the Artists & Flea market, the bookstore, and the home goods shops.

3. Fat Cat in the West Village. You can drink beer while playing ping pong, shuffle puck, Scrabble, or pool. And they have live jazz too later in the day!

4. Museums. Most of these places take a day to go through anyways! So for rain days, check out The American Museum of Natural History – which is good for the kids and adults alike. There’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art to name just two.

5. Afternoon tea. You might not associate New York with afternoon tea, but one of the places you can find it is at the Ritz Carlton Central Park. Delicious teas and finger sandwiches. Makes my mouth water while writing this!

6. New York Aquarium. Ok, so it’s wet OUTSIDE, but let’s go visit some creatures that don’t mind living in water all the time. Love this place. Rain or Shine!

7. Baked in Brooklyn. This is a pottery studio which is also family-friendly. Located in Williamsburg, you can paint bowls, mugs, plates, piggybanks and more! NOTE: The pieces take a week to to be glazed and fired, so Baked in Brooklyn is a good stop if you’re going to be in town for an extended vacation.

8. New York Public Library. Not just for the books – look for some of the 90,000 events they hold every year in various locations. Events posted daily.

9. Sports. Depending on the time of the year, you can take in NHL games with the New York Rangers (September to April), NBA games with the New York Knicks (October – April), NWBA games with the New York Liberty (May – September) or the Millrose Games, the world’s longest-running indoor track & field meet (February). Sports venues make a lot of sense when New York rainy days happen. Enjoy!

10. The Strand. For book lovers – and I’m one of them – a gigantic book store that offers 18 MILES of new, used, and rare books. Talk to the most knowledgeable staff in the city if you can’t find something!