American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is a favourite hangout for me. I love to revisit this place over and over. Of course what I love most about it is the dinosaur display.  Many of these dinosaur bones come from Alberta, Canada, from an area called the Badlands and also further south from Montana and Utah. Most of these were transported out of Canada in the 1800s, so the collection of dinosaur bones is one of the oldest in North America.

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Many adults are just as fascinated by these incredible animals. The dinosaur exhibit is a perennial favourite at the American Museum of Natural History.  Because it’s always there. This is one of their staple exhibits.

Here are some highlights for you. The museum is always on the lookout to add to their normal display. So stay tuned for exciting additions!

Youth Plaque at American Museum of Natural History
Youth Plaque at American Museum of Natural History

Be sure to look for and read the Youth Plaque. Let it inspire you.  And be the good person that you know how to be!

Exceptional Dinosaur Specimen American Museum of Natural History
Exceptional Dinosaur Specimen American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History continues to update their display. They recently added a Titanosaur. (Watch the video below. ) Pretty cool – this animal is more than 120 feet long. What you’ll see is a cast of the Titanosaur.  This dinosaur is a new species found in Argentina.

The reason why casts are taken of these huge animals is because the fossilized remains have accumulated minerals over millions of years, turning natural porous bones into HEAVY stone. They’re just TOO heavy to hang the original specimen.  So relatively light casts are made and displayed instead.

Watch the video about the museum’s latest addition to their dinosaur collection:

Hope you will visit this museum on your next trip to New York City. The dinosaurs are well worth seeing. Be sure to plan an entire day just to view the entire museum since the dinosaur display is just one of many displays!





Hello New York City

New York Twin Towers 1970s
1970s image of Twin Towers, New York City credit to

My first trip to New York City was when I was a 20 year old university student and I was visiting friends of the family with my parents. This goes way back to the late 1970s. I was wearing peasant tops and skirts in those days along with espadrilles. I loved the look. My hair was also very long, thick and black.

Our friends lived in Queens in a nice quiet neighbourhood. They took us to downtown Manhattan. However, we didn’t go to Times Square that trip. We did go on the famous subway though.

It was an adventure riding on that subway. It was very noisy. At one point, a woman got on our train and after a while, she began to yell and talk, to no one in particular.

We were from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and we had a nice subway system. But observing someone behave that way was a unique experience for us. My friends simply looked at us and signaled for us to be quiet and actually look away. But I never forgot how this stranger acted out.

Today, as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, I still wonder how she got that way. She definitely suffered. But I did not judge her. I do not judge her today. It just makes me realize that suffering is displayed in many ways.

Well, we continued with our trip tn New York City.  Our friends had planned for us to spend the day in the American Museum of Natural History. It did not disappoint. I’ve always LOVED the natural sciences – in fact I was studying engineering at the time – so I took to it naturally.

I loved every minute in one of New York’s most iconic attractions.

I would later learn that many of the dinosaur bones displayed there had been taken from the province of Alberta in Canada back in the 1800s before our borders were patrolled they way they are now. I must not have read the information cards under each display or I wasn’t thinking about it.

Little did I know that I’d be moving there, after graduating with my engineering degree in civil engineering, living and working in that same province by August of 1979.

Anyway, we also visited New York’s famous Chinatown and ate in one of the restaurants there. On another day, we went all the way up to the top of one of the Twin Towers. I remember gripping the railing firmly in my hands and despite my fear of extreme heights, I dared to bend and look over the railing at the tiny specks on the ground below!

What a THRILL!

That’s how I remember my first trip to New York, New York. Very fondly.