The Sports Teams of New York City

The number of sports teams in New York City indicates how their citizens LOVE their sports! And they definitely support these sports teams a lot because many have been around a VERY long time.

Up first is baseball:

Here are some of the heroes that played for their pro baseball teams.

1. Babe Ruth (New York Yankees) was a home run champ.

2. Micky Mantle (New York Yankees)

3. As a team, the Yankees won 27 World Series Championships.

4. Of note, Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers) broke the color barrier in baseball.

5. Who can forget the great Joe DiMaggio?

6. New York Mets were the “Mazing Mets” or the “Miracle Mets” in 1969 when they won the World Series that year.

Next, it’s NFL football:

Amazingly New York City supports two National Football League (NFL) sports teams!

1. The New York Giants played the “Greatest Game Ever Played,” in 1958. They lost an epic title game to the Baltimore Colts. But that game launched NFL football to become one of America’s most popular sports.

The Giants have won Super Bowls led by Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms and Eli Manning in a league where repeats are very difficult and very hard to come by.

2. As the for the New York Jets, down the way, Joe Namath (Broadway Joe) led a plucky crew to win Super Bowl III.

The Giants and the Jets have shared the same stadium since the 1980s.

How about them New York Rangers?

The New York Rangers are one of the Original Six in the National Hockey League (NHL). They’ve won the NHL’s biggest prize, the Stanley Cup, two times, in 1940 and 1994.

In basketball, it’s the New York Knicks.

The New York Knicks are the the most valuable franchise in the NBA, worth approximately $3.3 billion.

In Soccer, New York has several teams of different divisions.

In Major League Soccer (MLS), the team is called the New York City FC.

They are jointly owned by the English club Manchester City F.C. and the baseball team, the New York Yankees.

For womens’ soccer, New Yorkers cheer for the National Women’s Soccer League team that is called Sky Blue FC.

In tennis, there’s ONE big tournament.

In tennis there is a BIG tournament called the U.S. Tennis Open. This tournament is the fourth and final event of Grand Slam tennis tournaments held in late summer at the Queens’ USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

The main tournament has five championships: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles, with additional tournaments for junior and wheelchair players.

These are the major professional sports teams that represent and entertain New York City. Wouldn’t it be cool to attend any of their games LIVE just because you won a Free 3-day trip to New York City from