We’re NYCity Vacay!  We love New York City and all it has to offer. Museums, parks, incredible Broadway or Off-Broadway shows, shopping, Time Square and of course the Statue of Liberty and the seaway. Wow. It’s endless what you can do here.

Plus you can do it all by walking or by taking the subway system. You will never have a boring moment in Manhattan Island, New York.  In fact, you might have trouble trying to decide what to do, with so many choices.

So this website will offer you a way to get a little taste of New York because we offer you the chance to win a short and sweet trip of 3 days each.  We’re offering two trips within 12 months at first. As we gain momentum there’ll be more trips to win and therefore more chances to win, too.

Stay tuned for the excitement and be sure to come back for information about New York City.  You got to love it!

The NYCity Vacay Team